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Nationality: Turkish, Cypriot (EU)

Place of birth: Antalya, Turkey

Language: Turkish, English, Italian (proficient)


I am a 4th year highly self-motivated Ph.D. candidate with demonstrated research expertise in epidemiology and public health fields related to foodborne pathogens. During my Ph.D., I developed proficiency in various settings such as: microbiology, advanced epidemiological statistical analysis, molecular microbiology, antimicrobial resistance, and bioinformatics fields.

My primary research focus is understanding the epidemiology of antibiotic resistance in cattle origin Salmonella population. Specially focusing on understanding the long-term effects of a single-dose administration of antibiotics – that are mainly used to control bovine respiratory disease in cattle herds upon arrival to the feedlots which are analogs of antibiotics that are used to treat clinical salmonellosis in human — on population dynamics of Salmonella observed during the feeding period and at slaughter. I am currently writing my dissertation and planning to defend in February 2020. My expected graduation time is May, 2020.

During my Ph.D. program, I have developed skills in order to understand epidemiology of antibiotic resistance in Salmonella using microbiological methods such as sample collection from the feedlots, isolation of Salmonella, determining phenotypic antibiotic resistance using micro-broth dilution assay.  My molecular skills are consist of DNA extraction, library preparation, and whole-genome sequencing using the Illumina MiSeq platform. I am experienced in utilizing UNIX/Linux platforms to determine serotype, the detection of antibiotic resistance genes and plasmids, as well as the generation of phylogenetic trees using core genome SNPs analysis.  I have also gained efficiency in designing epidemiological studies and experiments, as well as performing advanced epidemiological statistical analysis on STATA.

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